by Pocket




released 29 March 2013

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Will Dickerson 2013
Cover art by Matt Bourque



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Pocket Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jared - Guitar/Vocals
Evan - Bass
Ben - Drums

Past Members:

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Track Name: Bench
shirt ties, white lies; the path that our lives are on. traffic, highways, everyone’s far away. the same server might not be there anymore. people move on leaving pieces behind. parts of me are everywhere, I’ll recall the windy city on the way. Boston showed me how to get up again. Gary showed me how cold places can be. sitting outside, benches at night talking. the same houses might not be there anymore.
Track Name: Take a Picture, It'll Last Longer
I reached out and grabbed nothing. the dark’s playing tricks on me, I saw what I wanted to. the second a match is struck, the plain becomes disfigured. sometimes things hide in the open. summer seems to be a haze, dreaming on the hot days. in my dreams I see my life. all my dreams are so alike, watching scenes from different nights. my feet are taking me far away. I’ll leave you and your apathy behind. stay away from my brain.
Track Name: Over It
out of sight, what do you see? you’re never part of anything. outside looking inside, close the door. daylight makes the glass shine, draw the blinds. all that I know: seen with my eyes, making no sound and carrying no name. see through skin, I’m a stranger. in my head, that’s where I live. nameless things carry no meaning. walls are armor. watching, I cannot remember how to form words.
Track Name: Pool Party
gold watch, tell me what time it is. loaf around all day on my hand, counting down ‘til I leave you behind. I’ll leave you in a heaping pile. hearts are filled with envy; eat this meal without me. paint yourself, have any face. no one knows your discontent. sunrise: move on. sets of bones wear suits to work. sunset: brainstorm, keeping lists of everything. senses fade away now. colors turn to greyscale. come back where you belong. come home where you belong.