1616 EP

by Pocket

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Recorded, produced, and mixed by Mike Bardzik at Noisy Little Critter in Downingtown, PA (www.noisylittlecritter.com)

Mastered by Kim Rosen at Knack Mastering (www.knackmastering.com)

Cover photograph by Daniel Shea (www.danielpshea.com)


released April 4, 2016



all rights reserved


Pocket Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jared - Guitar/Vocals
Evan - Bass
Ben - Drums

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Track Name: Factory Road
Wedding day, 1949
You wouldn't be that happy for a long time
What did you create?
Four reasons to keep his name
They're getting high downstairs
as the tennis and wine
swallow all your cares

Wedding day, 2013
You're silent at the open bar
You don't remember me
Second weddings as tradition

Wedding day, 1988
Sobered up but it was too late
The red van speeds away
like when you joined the Navy
When you left that place
down on Factory Road,
seventeen years old
Track Name: The Most Photographed Barn in America
You look just like your father now," she said to the boy. "I can't look away." He hadn't heard from her in years, since back in the old Nevada days. The years went but I can't stop myself from listening to everything they said. There was a lack of foundation. Sue would have blamed one of them. The boy's mother dragged him away, a scowl on her face. "Stay away from him!" Stretched thin by two families, links in decay. She lies, they are scum, don't trust him.
Track Name: Perfect Light
I say this is a waste of time - anxiety's no friend of mine. Cut myself from the air. Can't tell myself not to care, so I space out in my mind and try to control life, but what I'm doing just has me dying. Years pass by boxed inside.

Take the time to find acceptance. Know I'm wrong, but say it's right.

I know I'm wrong. I know it's all wrong - imperfect sight placed in perfect light.

Show me that I am worth it, because I've seen it and I'm not stopping. Scared to fail, but I fail myself. Scared of death, but destroy myself. A million reasons to see it - my shame our love - I can't quit.
Track Name: 1616
Flip a switch to turn off the fear
Takes you the lift of a finger
Takes me a year
Where did you learn to walk
on fire and run along the coals?

When did you start to like the burn?
Took a train to the end of the line
Hoped it'd go off the end of the earth
It's not as far as Lancaster

You're like a book stuck on the first chapter
Track Name: Lawrence
You chose the sun by the shore
over the son you bore
A line of deli clerks and waitresses
Mom stayed in town
so that's what you did
Carved your name into the station
so they'd know it

Third Street's a little more quiet
and Lawrence always felt like home
Fifth Street will never feel like it
when you sleep alone

Take a little time
Rub your hand along the bark
Take a little time
before it all goes dark

You stole the kids over the
bridge to New Jersey
You chose the sun, take a little time
You told the son his
father would never leave him
You told the son you might've been wrong